Senior Deals

The purpose of this page is to pool information on deals and discounts for seniors in the Thunder Bay area, and when travelling. It will depend in part on members submitting such information addressed to the Webmaster by email at . Please contribute to this page.

Always ask. It is strongly suggested that we, as seniors, become pro-active in this field. Asking for a senior discount, and looking as if one is expecting one, is a helpful technique, not just to yourself but it may pave the way for others. Looking taken aback if the answer is negative, and hesitating to proceed with a purchase or whatever, may just result in new concessions being offered later. Use your “grey power”.

Boston Pizza, 505 Memorial Avenue.

Not noted on the menu is the fact that if one asks for a “senior” coffee or tea with a meal, it is free to seniors, quite a savings. On Sunday lunchtime only, one can get a large pizza with one’s choice of toppings for less than the usual price. We find that we eat half the pizza for lunch and then have another pizza meal to take home for later in the week. A good deal.            (Brian and Jenny Phillips, 25/10/15 )

Cindy Loohoo’s Eats and Sweets Cafe, 42 Court St. South.

(This business has now closed. Oct 2017)

Tony Roma’s, Memorial Ave.

Though not a specific senior deal, Tony Roma’s, which can be a fairly costly place to eat, offers a “7 of $11” section in their menu, available seven days a week. A choice of seven good lunches, including “riblings” is offered. Since water with lemon is not charged for, a reasonably priced lunch can be had in pleasant surroundings. Coffee and tea is $3.00!!


Thank you to Margot Ponder for compiling the following list of senior discounts (20/01/16)  In most cases you have to ask nicely for the discount since it may not be offered. Not all retail assistants are aware of company or owner policy on senior discounts.

Michael’s 10% off every day for 55+. Includes regular and sale priced items.

Cineplex Senior’s price for those 65+

Bulk Barn 10% off on Wednesdays for 60+

Salvation Army 10% off every day for 60+. No tax.

M & M 5% off Tuesdays for 60+. 10% if you spend more than $30.

Shopper’s 20% off on Thursdays on regular priced items for those 65+

Value Village 20% off every Tuesday for those 60+

Central Car Wash 15% off for those 55+. Let the staff know that you qualify. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Applebees 60+, 10-15% off, depending on location, with Golden Apple card (though this is not insisted upon).

Arby’s 10% off for those 55+

McDonald’s  Coffee discounts (and sometimes a beverage and doughnut).

Greyhound 10% off every day for those 62+

Burger KIng, Subway, A & W and Dairy Queen offer discounts in some locations. Always ask.


Sandman Hotels (55+) – Discounted rates for seniors at all locations across Canada

Best Western (55+ with AARP/CARP Membership) – A minimum 10% discount on room rates

Choice Hotels (60+ with AARP/CARP Membership) – 10% off when a reservation made in advance

Days Inn (60+) – Discounted rates at participating locations. Always ask.

Hilton Hotels (60+ with AARP/CARP Membership) – 5% off room rates

Howard Johnson (60+) – Discounted rates at participating hotels. Always ask.

Marriott (62+) – Receive a minimum of 15% off on room rates

Travelodge (60+) – Discounted rates at participating locations. Always ask.

Fairmont (55+) – Discounted rates at all locations

Radisson (60+) –Discounted rates at all locations

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If you find out about other places that have discounts please let us know!