RALU Meeting – “The Sudbury Meteorite Impact”, Tuesday January 11th, 55+ Centre, 7.00pm.

The Sudbury Meteorite Impact and its Traces in Thunder Bay.

A presentation by Dr. Steve Kissin, LU research geologist, February 11th, 7.00pm at the 55+ Centre, River St.

The Sudbury Meteorite crater is the second largest in the world and taking place 1.85 billion years ago, one of the oldest. A fireball swept across Thunder Bay, some 700km away from the impact, followed by a rain of airborne debris, a violent air blast and finally a tsunami of a scale not seen in present history. The evidence lies under our feet across the city.

All members and guests are welcome and the meeting is open to any senior citizen who would like to attend, at no charge, of course.
Any questions can be directed to ralu.communications01@gmail.com



Posted on April 21, 2018