RALU Speaker Meeting, November 10th, 7.00pm EST by Zoom


Amethyst - A presentation by Dr. Steve Kissen, Prof. Emeritus, Geology.

In the 1970’s there was a large banner sign on a roadside stall somewhere on the Superior north shore. It read “Amethyst - All Colours. Buy Here”. Tourists were apparently duped easily. So what is Amethyst? Are there grades in quality and, if so, what is considered the best? Where does Amethyst come from, apart from NW Ontario, that is?  How long has Amethyst been used as a semi-precious gemstone?

On Tuesday November 10th at 7.00 pm RALU is holding its first Zoom Speaker Meeting, at which Dr. Steve Kissin, Professor Emeritus of Geology, will be addressing such questions and telling us all about this crystalline form which is so well known to most of us. 

The meeting will be hosted by Jenny Phillips, Chair of the RALU Program Committee and is open to all members in Canada and abroad. Those joining us from outside the EST Time Zone will have to make appropriate changes to the start time.

The meeting will open at 6.40 pm to allow for the host to let participants into the meeting and give some time for socializing. RALU now holds a paid version of Zoom, so there is no longer a time limit. However, the meeting is expected to close before 8.30 pm. 

The hyperlink for this meeting will be forwarded by MailChimp to all members before the meeting.

Please join us.

Posted on August 23, 2020