Benefits and Pension

Extended Health and Other Benefits for RALU Members

Retired Teachers of Ontario / ERO 
All RALU members are Individual Ordinary Members of CURAC and eligible for Extended Health Benefit Insurance through the RTO/ERO (administered by Johnson). The RTO is available to anyone who has worked in the field of education, including administration, faculty and support staff, and is nation wide with 91,000 current members and dependents. There is an annual fee of $57 for RTO membership.  The RTO plans include 93 day Out-of-Province/Canada Trip insurance, with trip cancellation and trip interruption clauses. Details of RTO Insurance are available at  
LU Benefits Plan (Green Shield)  Plan booklets for the retiree divisions are guides to the important aspects of the various group plans for Retired Lakehead University Employees. It is important that the members know to which division they belong as the plan text is different for different groups. If you require details on specific coverage, please contact Green Shield, toll free, at 1-800-265-5615 between 8:30 am. and 8:30 pm ET, Monday to Friday.

Division 13 – Retirees Prior to Jan 1,08 (non-fac) or Oct 1,08 (fac) 

Division 14 – Faculty Retirees

Division 15 – Retirees – Non-Faculty

Home and Auto Insurance. As a CURAC member, you could save up to 60% off your home and auto insurance premiums in addition to your group discount with Economical Select®. Specializing in group property and auto insurance, Economical Select is a member company of Economical®, one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurers, established in 1871.  Go to the CURAC site at  Links to Economical Select are included there.

Travel/Trip Insurance.  For those requiring stand-alone travel insurance, MEDOC offers competitive travel/trip cancellation insurance, with rates varying by age and medical condition. A summary of their offering can be perused at Interested individuals may call 1-866-606-3362 with specific questions, to obtain a quote and to purchase the insurance. Please identify yourself as a member of RALU and CURAC, and quote group number 087 unit 11.

Travel Planning. CURAC has had three successful years of partnership with Collette Travel, a firm celebrating its’ 100th year. .  CURAC members, as well as their families and friends, enjoy savings on bookings, benefit from professionally planned itineraries and the services of a Tour Manager, and enjoy other perks on certain tours, e.g., roundtrip home to airport sedan service. The direct link to Collette Travel is

Pet Insurance. CURAC members can obtain pet insurance at advantageous rates. PetSecure is a member company of Economical®, one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurers, established in 1871. Go to   The direct link to PetSecure is

Lakehead University Pension Plan

Pension Services provides retirement counselling and general pension information to members of Lakehead University’s Pension Plans. Pension Services advises and assists members with transfers, calculates and prepares pension estimates, determines funding requirements, and prepares Pension Plan financial statements, among other related services.

The RALU Ad-Hoc Committee on Benefits and Pensions is comprised of RALU members familiar with the details of the LU Pension Plan and the language of insurers and actuaries. To bring a matter of concern to their attention, contact Dave Kemp at