Committees – 2019-20

Please note that due to Covid, RALU has not held an AGM since 2020. Technically, though some are continuing in their positions, our committees have not been renewed.


Executive Committee

President: Vacant

Vice President: Vacant

Recording Secretary: Vacant

Membership Secretary: Beverley Stefureak

Treasurer: Joey Farrell

Past President (ex officio): Vacant

Communications Committee Brian Phillips (Chair and Webmaster)

Program and Events Committees



Nominations Committee

Note: Committees select their own Chairs who then attend Executive meetings. Note: Our Ad Hoc Committees do not require re-election each year and meet only when there is work to address. The members listed have agreed to continue.

Ad Hoc Committee on Benefits and Pensions

Dave Kemp (Chair), Tony Capello, Jim Stafford, Abdul Mamoojee, Les Miller, Pentti Paularinne, Ernie Epp, and Peter Mah,