Pension & Benefits


LU Benefits Plan (Green Shield)  Plan booklets for the retiree divisions are guides to the important aspects of the various group plans for Retired Lakehead University Employees. It is important that the members know which division they belong to as the plan text is different for the groups.
If you require details on specific coverage, please contact Green Shield toll free at 1.800.265.5615 8:30 am. To 8:30 pm ET, Monday to Friday.

Division 13 – Retirees Prior to Jan 1,08 (non-fac) or Oct 1,08 (fac)

Division 14 – Faculty Retirees

Division 15 – Retirees – Non-Faculty

RTO/ERO  RALU members are Individual Ordinary Members of CURAC and eligible for Extended Health Benefit Insurance through the RTO/ERO (administered by Johnson). Details of this option are available at  



Pension Services provides retirement counselling and general pension information to members of Lakehead University’s Pension Plans. Pension Services advises and assists members with transfers, calculates and prepares pension estimates, determines funding requirements, and prepares Pension Plan financial statements, among other related services.