About Us

Services to our Membership

  1. Social and creative interaction and debate.
  2. A forum for discussion of matters of common interest.
  3. Exchange between members of their most interesting retirement experiences.
  4. Contact with similar associations, monitoring retiree activity.
  5. Pursuit of benefits and considerations from the University that match the best practices of other institutions.
  6. Assessment of alternative retiree arrangements in areas such as supplemental health, insurance, and organized purchasing.
  7. High FP Rating. RALU members have a higher than average Fun Potential rating.

Services Offered to the University Community

Assistance wherever retiree presence is requested as beneficial, for example:

  1. For university employees considering retirement:
    a. retirement planning advice, and
    b. participation in seminars.
  2. Volunteer service at university and student activities.
  3. Intellectual and academic member services,  including:
    a. participation in student mentoring,
    b. teaching, and
    c. research.

Please direct general enquiries to ralu.communications01@gmail.com